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  1. General Technical & Electrical
    Testing OBD2 head up display which only works for vehicle's year made after 2010; doesn't work with my previous #HR16DE. #c11 #c12 #b17 #mr16ddt #obd2 #sr16ve #sr20ve #neovvl
  2. Engine Forum
    Hey all thanks for taking the time to read. I wanna start off by saying I know nothing. Nobody has ever taught me about cars, I don’t have any relatives or family friends to turn to and I’m very inexperienced. I bought a used ‘08 a while back and I’ve noticed it burns oil up. I put slick 50 in...
  3. General Versa Discussion
    Ok so last week I ran over some rocks and my car wouldn’t turnover it threw a 0455 code and I discovered the previous owner rigged the evap canister cylinoid so I replaced it today now it starts up but only with starter fluid and if I press the gas it dies I’ve checked the fuel pump and it’s...
  4. Member Classified / Wanted to Buy
    I have a pair of like new 2008 OEM Tail Lights and Grill. Both will fit 07-09 hatchback and sedan. All parts are in excellent condition with no scratches or cracks. The emblem on the grill has been plasti-dipped black but is easily removed. Only asking $85 shipped for the Tail Lights $50...
  5. General Technical & Electrical
    Hello, I have a 08 Nissan Versa and since the middle of September I have been having issues with the heater core. It has been into the dealership twice, and as of today three times to have the heater core replaced. It is a fairly long story but I'll try to condense it down. Towards the...
  6. New Members
    Hi everyone! I just signed up because for Christmas I want to get my boyfriend, the owner of a Nissan 2008 Versa, a new updated car radio. I saw that there were manuals somewhere on this list/forum. I would love if someone could direct me to those manuals and also if they would know if this car...
1-6 of 6 Results