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  1. General Technical & Electrical
    Hello, I have the above car with 156,000miles/250000 km. Replaced the spark plugs at 125,000 miles with OEM plugs. Since then, we get an occasional misfire... Number one coil has shown to misfire occasionally....All coil packs are OEM.. So I need to replace one coil at least. And I'm thinking...
  2. I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Hello All! My first post here and I would appreciate all the help and input I can get. I have a base model Hatchback with four speakers and a stock radio. I bought it used last summer and a few months into owning it the radio cuts out. It wouldnt even send static through the speakers. I took...
  3. General Versa Discussion
    So what commonly scratches, cracks, dings, chips, splits, bubbles, or just plain breaks? Interior or Exterior? I've noticed that the interior center control console easily picks up scratches. How long will the fuel and hood pulls will last and how will the Red Alert paint look after a few...
1-3 of 3 Results