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  1. Grinding when stopped on Drive

    Brakes & Suspension
    I have a 2012 Versa HB that just had it's tune up. I'm on 116,000 miles. Now, the car recently did the short vibrations while stopped and I was told that's normal but I figured let me just go in for the tune up and the oil change. After my tune up, my car would make a grinding noise while...
  2. Using SE wheel controls on a S model

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Hello yall, I am a novice at my Versa which was passed down from my mom after is was rebuilt from a total front end collision. I have a 2010 Versa S with the radio CY17F, and I recently bought a used steering wheel off of a 2012 Versa special edition (SL?) Hatchback that looks like this: Now...
  3. 2012 Versa S/SL, what does your Nissan Intelligent Key look like?

    General Technical & Electrical
    I'm trying to purchase OEM keyless from eBay to install on my 2012 Versa Hatchback, but I'm not sure which key is right for my car. The intelligent key shown on the Nissan website for my car has 4 buttons, but when I enter the part # on eBay, the i-key has only 3. For those of you who purchased...
  4. I dyno'd my Versa!

    Engine Forum
    Yesterday I was able to dyno my Versa just for the hell of it and because I was curious on what I'd actually get. I was hoping to get about 85 hp at the wheels and I'd be happy but I ended up getting 99 hp which is really good considering the car only makes 109 hp at the crank and the best part...
  5. 2012 Sedan - Aftermarket stereo install probs

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Hi all, I'm trying to install a Pioneer AVH-P8400BT head unit in my wife's 2012 Versa, using a Metra 70-7552 Turbowire wiring harness. This is the right harness according to every source I have checked, but it is not working. I'm not getting any power to the unit. I can't find a wiring...
  6. Cat back

    Engine Forum
    Will this cat back fit my 2012 hatch? DC Sports Exhaust System, DC Sports Performance Exhaust
  7. Cat back exhaust for 2012 hatch

    Engine Forum
    Hey everyone, I was just wondering where to find a cat back exhaust for my 2012 hatch. I've looked online and can't find anything past 09. Could I have a shop make and install one? If so how much would that cost? I don't know too much about exhaust. Any info or links you have please reply. Again...
  8. CAI and Exhaust for 2012 nissan versa hatch

    Engine Forum
    Does anyone know if the 2007-2011 versa hatch CAI and Exhaust work for 2012 hatch? I tried doing some research but still haven't found anything.
  9. No rear speakers?!

    General Versa Discussion
    I just got a new 2012 versa, base model. I knew that it would be a low end version, due to the price 10,990. But I never would have thought that a new car in today's age would not come with any rear speakers. I was wondering if anybody else bought a '12 versa and did not get rear speakers...