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  1. Engine Forum
    Hi guys, I'm looking for used cars. Today, I checked my friend's Nissan versa. What do you guys think about the status of the engine? Thank you all!
  2. Exterior Forum
    okay so ill apologize ahead of time for all the versa fanatics, but I have had a 2013 versa sedan base model and I think its rather boring and a little ugly. I think with a bit of money and hard work I can get it looking a little better. they have nooo body kits for this car which means id have...
  3. General Technical & Electrical
    So my '13 versa SV started having this rattling noise that happens when I'm braking and sometimes when I'm in park. Inside of the car it comes from the driver's side vent area, and when I pop the hood it sounds like it's coming from the cylinders. There's also this very quiet squeaking sound...
  4. Exterior Forum
    Hi guys, I am an owner of a '13 black Versa sedan, getting step by step on the stuff i'm putting on it. Wanting to know a bit of info regarding the rear spoiler, any thoughts on the looks of the car afterwards, is installation easy? Also on another matter, my car didn't come with the...
1-4 of 6 Results