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  1. General Versa Discussion
    I have about 60,000 miles on my 2017 Versa Note CVT and I think it's overdue for a transmission fluid change. I usually do all my maintenance myself, oil changes, brakes, etc, but this is my first time for transmission fluid on this car. Dealer quoted $260 for just a single change, no filter, no...
  2. Interior Forum
    2017 Versa Note SR. Anyone know how to pull the air vent trims off (the round ones on the sides, next to the door). I need to wrap those to match the rest of the interior since its cheaper than buying new colored ones from Nissan. Are they just glued in?
  3. New Members
    Hey everyone, I recently bought a brand new 2017 Versa Note SR and I'm from Brampton Ontario. It was sort of a rush buy because my last car was on it's last thread and did not want to fix it anymore. Looking at it now should've gotten the SV with Manual Transmission... but the interior seats...
1-3 of 3 Results