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  1. ABS or NON-ABS Brake Pads?

    Brakes & Suspension
    Hello, I am a new member. I own a 2008 Versa Hatchback CVT with 82K miles that I purchased new in 2008. I recently went to the auto parts store to purchase front brake pads. They had two types of Versa brake pads, pads for cars with ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) and those without ABS. My Versa has...
  2. Odd noise braking over dips.

    Brakes & Suspension
    I've noticed an odd noise whenever i go over certain dips in the ground while braking. Its similar to the sound grinding gears makes, a friend tried to convince me its ABS, but im not so sure. I'll post a video as soon as i can. (by dip i mean the opposite of a speed bump, i.e. a big crack in...
  3. ABS System

    Brakes & Suspension
    I recently got financed on a 09 Nissan Versa 1.8 Hatchback, but it did not have the ABS package on it. This really worries me not so much for myself, but other drivers in the family. I asked the dealer if it would be possible to add on later and havent recieved an wondering guys -...