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  1. General Versa Discussion
    Hey Group, I recently purchased a used 2007 Nissan versa hatchback runs great haven’t had any major issues with it yet, I’ve replaced the heater core only to find out the heater was fine it was the regulator at the firewall that was leaking. Sorry getting off subject OK here’s my issue while...
  2. General Versa Discussion
    I have to replace this high side cooler line on our 2011 Nissan Versa as the other line going into the rad or compressor is rusted and leaking even though I tried a new rubber ring. Here is the best example I can give you about this line I am talking about. I bought this genuine from Nissan...
  3. General Technical & Electrical
    I've been working on this one with my dad for a few weeks and looking for some direction, advice or personal experience! The A/C in the car works intermittently, and seems to be getting worse over time, but that could be my imagination. At this point the A/C rarely works. The problem as far as...
  4. General Technical & Electrical
    Hello I have a 2009 Nissan Versa base model 1.6 L engine. I can switch the climate control system to air conditioning, but the air conditioning compressor clutch is not engaging. The light in the dashboard comes on. The air climate control module is brand new. The air conditioning system was...
  5. General Technical & Electrical
    Hello, have a 2007 hb versa, my shroud broke and radiator fan hit radiator and jammed fan burning up the motor. I replaced motor and now the fan wont come on when warmed up and also ac wont turn on either. did an auto test and the fan does turn on lo and hi, any ideas? help!!!.
  6. General Technical & Electrical
    So my wife owns an 08 sedan versa and I replaced the battery for her. Ever since then the ac has not blown cold. The system blows air no problem and the air is able to get hot but not cold. Even driving around it didn't start blowing cold. A friend said it might be one of the relays but I can...
1-6 of 6 Results