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  1. General Technical & Electrical
    Hey guys and gals, I just installed a new head unit in my 2014 Versa SV sedan. The light in middle of dash (passenger airbag) stays on always and the seatbelt light on the gauge panel always blinks. I installed the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX, I just used the standard harness for the radio install...
  2. Detailing & Restoration
    I already posted post about expenses of that. Now I understand it and I have some parts with me. I need to buy Front Seat Belts and find a service who can do it for me as long as airbags. I have two of them. Usual services most likely require new parts from the dealer and I can understand that...
  3. Interior Forum
    Hello guys. I was in car accident. Two airbags was deployed, driver and side (roof) passenger. I ordered airbag online, but then I realized it is only airbag, but actually you need to change a lot of parts besides airbag itself. What are those parts? Did I do stupid thing? Looks like I...
1-3 of 3 Results