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  1. Weak FM Coverage

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hi, I feel like my Car FM system isn't picking up enough signal. Please advice me how can I improve the signal. Thanks in advance,
  2. Install subwoofer?

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Anyone know how to install a subwoofer system into a 2015 versa note with the bluetooth navi stereo? Also what will I need to hook it up to the harness on the back of the stereo? :nerd:
  3. 2016 Versa SV radio swap - BT buttons and mic don't work

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Hello, Recently, I purchased an OEM Nissan head unit to replace the stock one that came in my Versa SV, with the goal to get Bluetooth Streaming Audio working. The radio came from a 2016 Nissan Sentra SV, and is the one with a color screen, without navigation. ALMOST everything works, including...
  4. Need help for changing the radio

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hi guys, I have a Nissan Versa 2009 HB and I recently buought a 12" subwoofer, so I want to change my stock radio. I want to put a Kenwood KDC-BT562U, and I don't know if it fits in or I'll need to change my dashboard ? Could someone help me please ? Thank you Justin
  5. Quick CD Burning Question?

    New Members
    Hi! So we've got a Nissan and I've tried burning mp3 CD-R's with both Windows Media Player and iTunes, and when I stick the CD in the player in the car, it'll just give me one long track with nothing on it. Anyone else have this problem? :)
  6. Feedback on Radio when headlights on

    General Technical & Electrical
    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. I have a 2007 Versa with the blutooth, and 6 disk cd-changer with an auxiliary port. Whenever I use the aux port with my mp3 player and turn the headlights on, I hear a low buzzing like feedback or something. It's really obnoxious...