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  1. Screws in air filter case. Why?

    Engine Forum
    lol this is funny... i was cleaning my air fillter. after i removed the air filters... i found 2-3 plastic screws sleeping in there inside the air filter casing... wondering "what are the purpose of those screws"... i just threw them out to keep my engine clean... I wanted to know, are...
  2. May be having fuel problem

    General Technical & Electrical
    On my way from Tennessee to Atlanta, right after we filled up w/gas, my Versa cut off and we had to re-start it. Then, while travelling up a mountain, it started jerking as i pressed the gas and the engine light came on. It worked fine Monday but then Tuesday, after the engine light went off, it...
  3. Path of recirculated air

    Interior Forum
    With last week's 95+ (F) temperatures, my Versa's A/C was having problems keeping up. I almost never do this normally, unless driving through a cloud of dust or smoke, but I switched to the "Max A/C" mode, where the interior air is recirculated and fresh air is not drawn in from the outside, in...