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  1. Engine Forum
    lol this is funny... i was cleaning my air fillter. after i removed the air filters... i found 2-3 plastic screws sleeping in there inside the air filter casing... wondering "what are the purpose of those screws"... i just threw them out to keep my engine clean... I wanted to know, are...
  2. General Technical & Electrical
    On my way from Tennessee to Atlanta, right after we filled up w/gas, my Versa cut off and we had to re-start it. Then, while travelling up a mountain, it started jerking as i pressed the gas and the engine light came on. It worked fine Monday but then Tuesday, after the engine light went off, it...
  3. Interior Forum
    With last week's 95+ (F) temperatures, my Versa's A/C was having problems keeping up. I almost never do this normally, unless driving through a cloud of dust or smoke, but I switched to the "Max A/C" mode, where the interior air is recirculated and fresh air is not drawn in from the outside, in...
1-3 of 3 Results