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  1. Loss power over 3000rpm

    3000 rpm no power sound like lifter are coming out the motor hit a hill falls on it's face flat run on highway can run 80mph fine the car starts fine anyone have this problem
  2. Cat back exhaust for 2012 hatch

    Engine Forum
    Hey everyone, I was just wondering where to find a cat back exhaust for my 2012 hatch. I've looked online and can't find anything past 09. Could I have a shop make and install one? If so how much would that cost? I don't know too much about exhaust. Any info or links you have please reply. Again...
  3. CAI and Exhaust for 2012 nissan versa hatch

    Engine Forum
    Does anyone know if the 2007-2011 versa hatch CAI and Exhaust work for 2012 hatch? I tried doing some research but still haven't found anything.