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  1. Headlight Too Bright for Live Traffic

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hi Folks, Recently I installed a pair of LED by replacing the existing halogen bulbs. I really love the LEDs but I always concern about others should not be blind due my LEDs but I noticed that it's actually blinding others. Do you think that aligning downwards the headlight assembly will...
  2. How-To: LED DRL Headlight Strips

    How To's
    i installed LED DRL strips on my headlights yesterday, they came out legit! I took some photos as I did the entire process to help anyone else if they wanted to do the same. the LED's are two color, white and then amber for turning on with the turn signal. first how to write up, so comments...
  3. headlight accent lighting

    General Technical & Electrical
    hey guys, I'm looking to install a dual color accent lighting led strip to my headlights and i know its really simple on how to hook it up, however the i want the white leds to turn off when the turn signal leds turn on. what circuit or relay can i use to accomplish this? any help would be...