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    Hello Versa friends, This is just a video tutorial (in Spanish) that I found about changing the sparkplugs and the oil in the Versa. The video claims it works for models 2014 and after. The video also includes the torque and other specs.
  2. How To's
    Seems difficult but all you have to do is run a power wire to the battery, remote power wire to the radio fuse on your fuse box, and hook up a line out put converter. Subwoofer nissan versa FLI audio acid subwoofer
  3. General Technical & Electrical
    [youtube]D3x32XxxDJU[/youtube ] youtube channel: mmbarlotti
  4. General Technical & Electrical
    [youtube]K42pzJtf870[/youtube ] youtube channel: mmbarlotti
  5. Engine Forum
    Hello everyone, i've recently bought a few new things for my 08 Versa such as a cold air, some HID's, rims and tires. Now its as if i cant stop looking for things to buy for it! i was thinking about new breaks and mufflers. i was wondering if anyone had any input on which muffler i should buy...