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  1. Interior Forum
    I know i'm new here to the Versa world, but I've read a lot of post about adding an AUX input to the factory radio, and most post just said to replace the radio. Well! I really don't want to do that. I guess i'm one of the lucky ones, because my factory radio really sounds great, and I've been...
  2. I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Has anybody seen this? A tablet is cheaper than some car stereos. The iPad would be a better fit. Ipad Install
  3. Exterior Forum
    Hi guys, I am an owner of a '13 black Versa sedan, getting step by step on the stuff i'm putting on it. Wanting to know a bit of info regarding the rear spoiler, any thoughts on the looks of the car afterwards, is installation easy? Also on another matter, my car didn't come with the...
  4. General Technical & Electrical
    Ok im trying to install my new radio that i got from a friend and it is a kenwood kvt 911dvd with a pop out monitor on it and i cant seem to locate or even know if my 09 nissan versa SL 1.8L has a parking brake detection switch wire on the car....Please help i am lost at this point. I tried to...
  5. Engine Forum
    Hello everyone, i've recently bought a few new things for my 08 Versa such as a cold air, some HID's, rims and tires. Now its as if i cant stop looking for things to buy for it! i was thinking about new breaks and mufflers. i was wondering if anyone had any input on which muffler i should buy...
1-5 of 5 Results