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  1. Ebay Knockoff BRIDE Seat Swap

    Interior Forum
    This'll be sort of a CTRL+C CTRL+V of what I posted in the "What did you do to your Versa today?" thread. Installed some knockoff BRIDE seats from Ebay. Turned out pretty well -- a lot of DIY had to be done. The seats came with sliders, however ended up not using them. Decided to use the OEM...
  2. 2015+ Note Headlight & Taillight Assistance

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hello community, I'd love some assistance! I drive a silver 2015 Versa Note and have put a decent amount of work into it -- but one of the biggest things I have wanted to do is replace the stock headlights and taillights with something more aesthetic. As far as taillights go, I'm looking at...
  3. Upgrades?

    Engine Forum
    hi guys im new .. and i have nissan versa 2007 1.8 6 speed, some time i do 1/4 miles and track , i just take off the aire filter for more power , now i want to do more .., i want to know about type of spark plugs, catbacks , exhuast systems, about ECU programs , CAI and about how to install fog...
  4. FS: JDM CSX3 & GIGA Classic Car Fresheners & Refills

    Member Classified / Wanted to Buy
    FS, many new JDM classic fresheners and refills! Prices are including shipping to lower 48 states!! From Top to Bottom CSX3 LIME refill = $10.00 shipped CSX3 CRYSTAL refill = $10.00 shipped | GIGA SQUASH refills (4 tubes) = $8.00 shipped | GIGA MARINE refills (4 tubes) = $8.00 shipped |...