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  1. Help me to find the ACC

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hello Guyz, Please help me to find the ACC for newly installed DRL, still I didn't wire it up. Nissan TIIDA/Versa 2012 Sedan TIA
  2. Retrofit Projector lens for LED?

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hello Experts, Recently I replaced my Halogen with LED bulb but I noticed that it’s blinding the Oncoming traffic also much of glare, while the LED is just installed in reflector housing. Is that OK if I installed a Projector lens within the reflector housing to get the LED output controlled...
  3. Headlight Too Bright for Live Traffic

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hi Folks, Recently I installed a pair of LED by replacing the existing halogen bulbs. I really love the LEDs but I always concern about others should not be blind due my LEDs but I noticed that it's actually blinding others. Do you think that aligning downwards the headlight assembly will...
  4. LED Headlight bulbs Higher Wattage

    New Members
    Hello Experts, My question is about Replacing my Halogen Headlight bulbs with LED. My Nissan TIIDA 2012 has halogen 60/55W bulbs, is that okay to replace that with Higher Wattage LED bulbs like 70W or 80W? & also advise me untill how many Wattage I can go... Thank you in advance.
  5. CF18-08 LED Electronic Flasher

    General Technical & Electrical
    Has anybody seen this? It looks like it would just plug in the fuse box under the hood. It prevents hyper-flash on LED turn signals.
  6. Newbie!

    New Members
    Hey guys! My name's Stanley, I'm new around these parts, I'm from Agoura Hills California. I just bought my new 2013 Nissan Versa SV 2 days ago and I'm looking into customization now. It's all stock at the moment but I'm looking into LED interior lighting and new rims. I was just wondering if...
  7. Is there a 12v source to connect a switch to?

    General Technical & Electrical
    I am looking to buy some LED lights for my Versa. They come with a switch which I could install on the left side of the drivers side next to the button you use to adjust your mirrors to turn them on, but it says that I need to wire the switch to a 12v source near the switch. Are there any 12v...
  8. Versaforce: 2012 Versa S

    Car Showroom
    I bought my Versa back in March, its a 2012 1.8 manual hatchback s trim (Fresh Powder white). Grew up in PA, joined the Airforce, moved to Texas and now Colorado. So far i've only done a simple light mod to my V, the wiring diagram is in my pics. I joined the forum to see what others are doing...
  9. mirror lights

    General Technical & Electrical
    hey guys, I want to add led lights to behind the mirror on my v, to fire off whenever its corresponding turn signal lights up, giving the mirror a glowing outline. I'd rather not have to crimp a wire from the turn signal and feed it all the way back thru the firewall and then through the door...
  10. Versa Underglow :)

    Exterior Forum
    I recently installed underglow on my 08 V and was so impressed with it I wanted to let everyone know the product used. XKGLOW are the lights i used. I am very satisfied. What are your thoughts on underglow for a versa? No worries if you do not like; critizism is welcome:) xk-led | eBay In...
  11. How-To: LED DRL Headlight Strips

    How To's
    i installed LED DRL strips on my headlights yesterday, they came out legit! I took some photos as I did the entire process to help anyone else if they wanted to do the same. the LED's are two color, white and then amber for turning on with the turn signal. first how to write up, so comments...
  12. Sup guys!

    New Members
    hey everyone, just introducing myself. names mike, and i got the versa 2010 S hatchback as my first car ive ever owned about a month ago, makes the perfect college car. since then ive been slowly making a list of things I would like to do it, when funds can allow. i decided to tackle an...
  13. climate control backlight

    Interior Forum
    hey guys, i recently wired my entire v with green leds since its impossible to see at night. I find the orange backlight on the climate controls to be rather drab and was hoping I could convert them to green as well. or atleast natural white. does anyone know how or where i could find out how...
  14. Nissan Led accent kit (Cheap)

    Interior Forum
    Hi guys, I just wanted to give you a link about a led accent kit listed on ebay that ive just bought. The seller is asking 50 $ for it (nissan OEM part) so that is kind of a huge deal. Usually it is over 200 $ on other site.I did not receved it yet but ill keed you guys updated soon as im...