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  1. Luggage compartment light switch

    General Technical & Electrical
    My luggage compartment light does not turn on when I open my hatchback on my 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatchback. The filament is intact. I looked all around the rim of the hatch and saw no mechanical switch, so I'm guessing it would probably be a mercury switch located in the door itself? I'm...
  2. Dash Lights not Turning on with Headlights

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hey guys, so I drive a 2015 Versa Note S and recently replaced the stock instrument cluster with a cluster from a 2017 Versa Note SR -- and yes, I'm aware replacing clusters is just asking for problems lol but so far everything works flawlessly, the only two issues so far is that mileage is...
  3. Need fog light help.

    General Technical & Electrical
    This is my first post and I am having a slightly hard time making it around the site so I thought I would go for broke and post. I have a 2012 versa hb 1.8 s. I want some aftermarket fog lamps for it, not hooked up into the cars computer system. I am studying automotive tech and am fairly...
  4. headlight accent lighting

    General Technical & Electrical
    hey guys, I'm looking to install a dual color accent lighting led strip to my headlights and i know its really simple on how to hook it up, however the i want the white leds to turn off when the turn signal leds turn on. what circuit or relay can i use to accomplish this? any help would be...