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  1. Help with wonky security issues.

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    I have a 2009 Versa hatchback and can't figure out this security system. I unlock the doors and get out, and sometimes will then go to open the hatch, and the lights will start blinking at me as if I've illegally entered the vehicle, even though I never locked it to begin with. I have to lock...
  2. Seeking Advice Hood, Lights, Bumper Replacement

    Exterior Forum
    I'm going to look at and test drive a 2011 Versa Sedan this weekend to purchase for $2000. It only has 21000 miles on it. It has been wrecked but the owner says it runs fine. It only needs a Hood, Front Bumper or "bumper cover". Not sure what its called exactly. I can get all the parts from...
  3. New member! (yellow fogs inside)

    Exterior Forum
    What's going on everyone? Just want to introduce myself with this post. My Note didn't come with fog lights so I ordered an OEM kit. All was fine until I realized after taking everything apart that there was no connection to plug the fog lights into. With that said, I ordered a remote control...
  4. Seat Belt lights is on

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hi All, This is my first post here. I got a used 2015 Nissan Versa Note SV, it was a fleet car. So it has some nicks and scratches, which I am fine. A bit fender bender at the back which they kind of fixed. You can't see it from the back. Just when you open the trunk, you just notice some screws...
  5. Anyone know where to get Tilda Taillights?

    Exterior Forum
    I'm looking into putting Tilda tail lights on my 07 SL Hatch..anyone know where I can find some? Having a hard time finding any.. Thanks!!
  6. Sudden Electric Issue following unrelated body work

    General Technical & Electrical
    I was in a minor collision (rear ended) a few days back. I got a call from the auto body shop yesterday claiming that suddenly the right blinkers-both front and back- weren't working. They also claimed the left headlight wasn't working but they replaced the bulb. I know for a fact that both the...
  7. Spyder Clear OEM Fog Lights

    General Technical & Electrical
    I got the Spyder OEM style fog lights from CarID, and I was just wondering if there's a bracket that holds the actual fog lights, or how it is mounted? The kit came with the covers to replace the inserts in the bumper, but there's no way of actually mounting the lights included in the kit. So...
  8. Will the black Spec-D Altezza tail lights fit on the Versa?

    Exterior Forum
    07-09 NISSAN VERSA 3D ALTEZZA TAIL LIGHTS FOR HATCHBACK ONLY - BLACK There is a link to them. I know it says they do, but I just watched a video on YouTube and a guy who bought them couldn't use them. I found a place that sells them and I would really like to get them, but if they aren't...
  9. mirror lights

    General Technical & Electrical
    hey guys, I want to add led lights to behind the mirror on my v, to fire off whenever its corresponding turn signal lights up, giving the mirror a glowing outline. I'd rather not have to crimp a wire from the turn signal and feed it all the way back thru the firewall and then through the door...