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  1. Engine Forum
    hi guys im new .. and i have nissan versa 2007 1.8 6 speed, some time i do 1/4 miles and track , i just take off the aire filter for more power , now i want to do more .., i want to know about type of spark plugs, catbacks , exhuast systems, about ECU programs , CAI and about how to install fog...
  2. New Members
    I bought my Versa hatchback in 2012 new. Its about 2 years old now with about 21k miles on it. I am interested in finding out more about after market exhaust systems and other engine mods. Who out there has a Versa and has done any mods?
  3. General Versa Discussion
    Feel free to voice your opinion about the Nissan Versa. -Perhaps there are some future mods you would like to do to the engine/exterior /interior -You saw a clean Nissan Versa while you were driving -Want to talk about the Nissan Versa and other cars in general -Want to know what is out...
1-3 of 3 Results