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    Hey guys! I’m new to this forum. I have a 5-speed manual Nissan Versa 2017. I’m a pretty simple girl and one of the things I like about my car being simple is that I get to make it my own. Wanted to start making some modifications to it. I have some ideas of what I want but here to get some more...
  2. Hi from Ontario Canada

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    I just bought my first Nissan Versa Note (2018 SV+). only 50,000 kms off a fleet lease, beginning of Nov. I was hesitant because 1) off fleet lease 2) bad reviews online, but price was right and I was badly in need as my Dodge Grand Caravan finally gave up the ghost (body, not engine). She has...
  3. Hello from Tampa!

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    Hello, I am from Tampa, FL. I drive a 2007 white hatchback with the 6 speed manual currently at 210K miles. I call it Honeybooboo because it's white trash. In the passed year I have replace the: fuel pump, alternator, spark plugs (twice), clutch slave cylinder, muffler, windshield, and tires...
  4. Hello there!

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    Hey guys, I am a newbie and was hoping to import a car from overseas. Can you please guide me where I can seek the best in cars? I have been told that used Japanese cars are ruling the marketplace and have heard a lot about Prime Autos Japan. Has anyone here had the experience of making a...
  5. New to forum because I am a new '014 Versa Note S owner!

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    Today I bought a Nissan Certified Pre-Owned 2014 Versa Note S with 1,330 miles on the clock! They call it used, I call it BARELY used. It's freaking cherry. Got the WRAP service plan, good until January 2022! Yow! :banana: Figured I'd join the forum for my new ride!! I'll share more details...
  6. Hello, I'm new here.

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    Hi, my name is John and I wanted to introduce myself. I have a 2007 Versa that I bought new. I joined to keep up to date with any car issues and learn from other people's experiences. Thanks.
  7. My first car is a Versa

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    Hey everyone! My name's Cody, I'm 18, and I live in San Antonio. I got my Versa for a steal, and it's my first car. It's a 2011 SL Sedan. When I called the bank, they showed a value of $12k and I only paid $5k!! It currently has about 70,000 miles or so on it. I know that's awfully high but it...
  8. Excited and confused!

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    Hello Nissan Versa Forum community. I am an owner/enthusiast from the Edmonton Alberta area up in Canada eh! I am looking forward to all the great things this forum has to offer. I've tried a few mods on my car and I hope to help anyone with some advice and opinion, I also have experience...
  9. New Here

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    Hello, I'm new here. In September I purchased a 2014 Nissan Versa SV. I figured I'd join this forum to learn more about my car and its potential. Also there is always the question, "Is this normal?"
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    Hey Everyone, I'm a new member here. I joined the forum not because I own a Versa but my wife does. I've come to check out how to fix things on it and your normal car issues. We have a 2009 Nissan Versa, it is very stock and we don't look to add anything to it. I personally drive a 2012 Honda...
  11. BLKBNNY: 2014 Versa SV

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    Hey everyone, I just became the owner of a new 2014 nissan versa. It is my first new car. I decided to plasti dip my wheels, emblems, handles, and grill. Let me know what you guys think. I saw some awesome cars already! Im getting more ideas, because my car is not done!
  12. Hello Everyone!

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    Hey guys, I have come across these forums a couple of times. I recently became the owner of a 2012 Versa hatchback SL! I basically joined to chat it up with other versa owners about tips and tricks to get the most out of this fantastic car. I already have 2 questions! 1. I am interested in...
  13. New Member Problem

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    Hi, I'm a new member and have 2011 Nissan Versa Hatchback. I love the car but have one issue/problem. Wondering if any one else is having the problem. About 25% of the time when the vent (with outside air) is turned on with the lowest temperature setting it blows hot air. My Nissan service...