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  1. General Technical & Electrical
    Ok my versa has been stuck in park for a couple of months now only because I'm not sure which route to take due to money being tight. I've taken the center console apart trying to get the shift lock release to work but apparently it's not the shifter that's locked I was thinking it may be the...
  2. New Members
    This new versa drives and feels like the sentra from 90s era but it handles like its on rails dropped. I dare you to drop it and change to low pro tires on a stock 15" rim and tell me it doest feel like how you always wanted your base model. Im putting 15.5lb 15×6.5 enkie92 classics on it next...
  3. General Versa Discussion
    Hello, I recently purchased a 2012 Nissan Versa from a dealer as my first car back in August 2017. Being my first, I didn't know all about the CVT and all of the problems associated with my vehicle. When I first bought it, it was in pretty bad shape... it required about $1,000 of work, but after...
1-3 of 3 Results