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  1. Hello everyone!! have a few photos what do you think change or leave the way it is?

    New Members
    This is my little 2007 Nissan versa, it has went a long way from the way I purchased. Still have few more pictures to come in near future of stereo and performance upgrades. I love what a lot of others have done with theirs on this site keep up the good work.:grin:grin
  2. 2017 Versa Powertrain warranty

    General Versa Discussion
    Hello Folks, I just bought a 2017 Nissan Versa S Plus. It's got 80000 miles - I know, that's super heavy miles for a two year old car. Considering the nature of mileage, does my car still qualify for 10 years / 120000 miles powertrain warranty? If not, is it advisable to purchase this...
  3. Fly Wheel Bolts

    Engine Forum
    Changing the clutch in my 2016 Nissan Versa S and wondering if anyone knows about the specs of Fly Wheel bolts? Iv Googled for a wile and cant find anything just the bolt socket witch said they weren't for the versa. Mostly what kind of pattern/torque specs/socket is used. I ordered new bolts...
  4. How to: change spark plus in 2014 Versa

    How To's
    Hello Versa friends, This is just a video tutorial (in Spanish) that I found about changing the sparkplugs and the oil in the Versa. The video claims it works for models 2014 and after. The video also includes the torque and other specs.
  5. Average RPMS

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    Hello all. I just purchased a 2009 Nissan Versa Hatchback 1.8S manual 6spd with 50k miles on it about two weeks ago. I noticed that it seems to drive at higher RPMS than I've seen with other cars, and I want to know if other drivers are experiencing something similar. I typically change gears...
  6. 07 Nissan Versa Buzzing Noise

    Engine Forum
    My 2007 Nissan Versa is making a buzzing sound when i accelerate, it sounds like a weed whacker. It also seems to have issues shifting gears when i first start it for the day, yet after a couple minutes drives fine. This just started happening after it got really cold where i live.
  7. my nissan versa train horn

    Exterior Forum
    hello this is my new nissan versa 2007 ... i have keep my train horn on my old truck and i have install on the versa !!!:thumb2::ihih::woot:
  8. Colorado owners check in!

    If you're from Colorado or the surrounding Denver area and own a Versa, please post here! I'm the only active owner here and haven't spotted one that's modified so if yours is, please post! When there are 5 owners posting here, I will start a Colorado Versa Club, or Denver Versa Club...