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  1. Transmission/Transaxle bearing

    General Versa Discussion
    Hi All! I have a 2013 Versa with the manual transmission. I recently replaced the front wheel bearing, control arms, shocks/struts, breaks and rotors. Took is for a test drive and noticed a new sound. After doing some poking and prodding I think the Trans-axle bearing is going up. ( I get some...
  2. Rattling sound when accelerating at low speed

    General Technical & Electrical
    My 2015 Nissan Versa Note has started making rattling noise when accelerating at low speed then the sound dies away when it reaches a certain speed. It doesn't always happen but it's happening more frequently lately. It's less than 5 yrs with 75,000km. I've regularly changed engine oil according...
  3. Squealing noise when slightly accelerating from 50KM/H (30MPH)

    Engine Forum
    Hi, I recently bought a '14 Versa Note SV with the CVT that has 63,000km (about 40,000 miles) on it. I've been having an issue with a kind of squealing noise when slightly accelerating when driving at about 50km/h (30mph). If I release the gas pedal, the noise stops but resume as soon as I...
  4. 2009 Versa Clicking Sounds

    General Versa Discussion
    Terrible clicking noise coming from passenger side engine. Last check, oil level is normal. Any ideas?
  5. 2008 Nissan Versa SL grinding noise

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hey guys. I purchased a 2008 Nissan Versa SL from a dealership about a week ago, and already have had to get the battery replaced and an exhaust flange welded on because it rotted out and was making the car sound super loud (like a leaf blower). Today, I noticed that my car makes a grinding...
  6. Odd noise braking over dips.

    Brakes & Suspension
    I've noticed an odd noise whenever i go over certain dips in the ground while braking. Its similar to the sound grinding gears makes, a friend tried to convince me its ABS, but im not so sure. I'll post a video as soon as i can. (by dip i mean the opposite of a speed bump, i.e. a big crack in...
  7. Problem w/ 2012 Sedan engine/cvt

    New Members
    Hello all. I'm really pleased with most everything about my wife's new Versa Sedan, but it's a month old and it has made a disturbing noise and severe vibration from the engine/cvt 3 times during a cold start. It lasts only a couple seconds, but clearly something is wrong. Before I get it...