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    I bought my first car about 6 months ago, a 2010 nissan versa. I love it but i recently got the dreaded service engine soon light. As soon as this happened i took it to autozone to get it read by an OBD scanner but nothing came up, so i finally learned how to get the codes myself via the pedal...
  2. General Technical & Electrical
    Hi all. I have this car, and i am very happy with it :) i bought an ELM327 device - with Bluetooth (cheap chines one). its working well with other cars, but in mine i can't connect it to my phone, and i tried alot of apps, including non-free versions. it's seemed that it's disconnect from some...
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    code chart taken from | All About Nissan
  4. General Technical & Electrical
    I just discovered the OBD 2 port... How to use it? [cable/software/hardware... what exactly?] Can i recover much useful data about car from it?