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  1. New Members
    Hello to all, I have Nissan Versa SV 2018 and will be planning to opt for Progressive car insurance with Snapshot, in which they'll provide an OBD device. Does anyone use this particular device in Versa SV? I am unable to find the port where I can plug the device. Also, will using Snapshot cause...
  2. Engine Forum
    I bought my first car about 6 months ago, a 2010 nissan versa. I love it but i recently got the dreaded service engine soon light. As soon as this happened i took it to autozone to get it read by an OBD scanner but nothing came up, so i finally learned how to get the codes myself via the pedal...
  3. General Technical & Electrical
    Hi all. I have this car, and i am very happy with it :) i bought an ELM327 device - with Bluetooth (cheap chines one). its working well with other cars, but in mine i can't connect it to my phone, and i tried alot of apps, including non-free versions. it's seemed that it's disconnect from some...
  4. General Technical & Electrical
    I just discovered the OBD 2 port... How to use it? [cable/software/hardware... what exactly?] Can i recover much useful data about car from it?
1-5 of 5 Results