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  1. General Versa Discussion
    Hello peeps, I noticed my Versa 2011, 1.8 automatic (81,000 miles on it) might be losing some engine oil due to unknown reasons… I wonder if it's okay for this engine to lose some amount of oil naturally while driving, or should I be worried ? Also, is it possible that there is some low level...
  2. Engine Forum
    Well I decided to change the spark plugs on my 07 Versa hatchback and noticed oil all around one of my spark-plugs I know this isn’t good what could be causing this
  3. Engine Forum
    Hey all thanks for taking the time to read. I wanna start off by saying I know nothing. Nobody has ever taught me about cars, I don’t have any relatives or family friends to turn to and I’m very inexperienced. I bought a used ‘08 a while back and I’ve noticed it burns oil up. I put slick 50 in...
  4. General Versa Discussion
    Hi All, I have a question that might sound stupid.. i'm still new to cars world :) how long should i wait after starting the engine for the oil temp. to be suitable for driving the car? usually, i wait till the blue indicator is off; a friend of mine told me today that only 10 seconds are...
1-4 of 4 Results