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  1. Cooling fan runs too long I think

    Engine Forum
    Hi All, I have a 2009 Versa 1.8L six speed. The radiator cooling fan runs what I think is far too much. It's not on continuously, and takes quite a while before it comes on (perhaps 5 miles of regular driving), but after it's on, it hardly ever shuts off. In particular, if I'm driving highway...
  2. Engine overheated now won't crank or start

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hello all! My father in laws 2012 Versa overheated and now it wont start. It does not even crank. When I turn the key only the lights turn on and nothing else. The battery is strong and the starter is fine. I removed the spark plugs to check for coolant in the piston wells but they were dry...
  3. Intermittent Overheat - 07 CVT

    General Versa Discussion
    So, as my title states, I am having "overheating" issues with my '07 CVT Hatchback with 260,000 Kms. The issue arises only when I am driving in the city with my A/C on. On the highway temps are fine (no red temp light) and the A/C pumps out lots of cool air. Ambient temps where I am right now...
  4. Overheating Problem

    General Technical & Electrical
    [SOLVED] Overheating Problem I hope someone can help me my problem now. I have a 2009 Nissan Tiida Sedan which has been with me for almost 5 years. Days ago it started to overheat when Im on a stop/park but when im running on the highway it is not. I checked it earlier and did the following...