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  1. Nissan Versa Note 2014 Air Shutter Removal

    General Technical & Electrical
    This procedure was self-discovered after a brief Internet search for guidance, in an attempt to remove what ended up being two small pebbles in the actuation of the Air Shutters. This module is located at the bottom portion of the radiator. The pebbles lodged in the area between the driven Air...
  2. Check Engine Light On: Code P285A HELP!!

    General Versa Discussion
    Check Engine P285A HELP!! My check engine light recently came on in my 2012 Versa with 94,000 miles and after running the diagnostic test the code came back as P285A. I tried googling the code but still have no clue what this means. I towed my car to the dealership thinking they would...
  3. Radiator/AC fan replacement Nissan 2010 Versa

    General Technical & Electrical
    Radiator/AC fan replacement Nissan 2012 Versa SV Hi everyone, I have a Nissan Versa 2012 SV. The fan motor seems to have blown out, I'm looking to replace it. What is the easiest way to remove the whole fan assembly. Everything is so compressed on this engine. Is the upper radiator support...
  4. [New Member / First Car] Weird whining/whirring noise after oil leak

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hello everyone. I just got my Nissan Versa 2013 SV this past weekend. It's used and has 33k miles on it. I ran into a problem last night when I was making a right on a light and the bottom of my car scraped the pavement (dip). Right after it happened I noticed a weird whining noise every time I...
  5. Radiator Fan keeps blowing fuse

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hi everyone, thank you in advance for your help. I have a 2012 Nissan Versa Sedan S and every time I turn the car on and let it run for a while the fuse pops for the radiator fan. I had installed an aftermarket amp, speakers, and subwoofer a few months back an I initially thought that the sound...
  6. Radiator Fan always on

    Engine Forum
    good day guys, im new to the forum and and came here because I have a 08 Nissan Versa SL HB, and yesterday the radiator cooling fan came on permanently, it starts as soon as i start the engine and stops when i turn it off; it's really annoying and im worried this could lead to serious damage...
  7. Radiator fan issues

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hello, have a 2007 hb versa, my shroud broke and radiator fan hit radiator and jammed fan burning up the motor. I replaced motor and now the fan wont come on when warmed up and also ac wont turn on either. did an auto test and the fan does turn on lo and hi, any ideas? help!!!.