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ride quality

  1. Do you think the ride on the Versa has a certain European flair??

    General Versa Discussion
    I have been noticing that the ride on my 2012 SV Sedan has all of the characteristics of a European Sedan. Having owned BMWs, Renault Fuegos, Volvos and a Jetta in the past. The ride is taught, and firm but it isolates you from road harshness, and still allows you to feel the road in a...
  2. Better Traction

    Brakes & Suspension
    I am not very skilled with cars, so I would like some advice.... Is there any inexpensive way to make the Versa track better. I know that wider tires will help. Can I just put a wider tire on the rims that come with the car? How wide can I go without changing rims? Would gas mileage be very...