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  1. Will a 205/60r16 fit?

    Other Automotive Discussion
    I recently popped a stock tire and damaged the rim so i’m looking for upgrades. I found some sonata rims and tires. They’re 205/60/16 and i drive a 2008 hatchback
  2. I Bought Coilovers!!!!!

    Brakes & Suspension
    Hey guys and gals, I bought a used BC Racing BR Type Coilovers over Ebay (I believe it's from Crafthell) and I'll be picking it up tomorrow (got to drive to the border). I'll probably have them installed within the next few weeks. Once my tax return comes in, I'll get some new wheels. I...
  3. Will 2012 Versa Rims fit my 2014 Versa

    General Versa Discussion
    I noticed the rims are the same size and have four wholes for lugnuts. i' m looking for the cheapest way to get a full size sparein my trunk.
  4. Looking at wheels, need information

    Brakes & Suspension
    Specifically looking at wheels from XXR. Now I plan on lowering it in the future so I don't want to go too big a wheel, but I want it looking wider, sticking out out of the fender a bit. What kind of specs should I be looking at for this? Offset? Wheel Width? Height? Tire Size?
  5. Help! Getting new rims soon, and tires.

    Exterior Forum
    I will be buying some new rims soon. From the searching I have done 17 inch rims seem to look the best to me. So what rims fit our car exactly? Is it 4x100? I have no idea sorry. Also, what tire size would be good for 17 inch rims? I have no idea what size to get to have them look good lol.
  6. Better Traction

    Brakes & Suspension
    I am not very skilled with cars, so I would like some advice.... Is there any inexpensive way to make the Versa track better. I know that wider tires will help. Can I just put a wider tire on the rims that come with the car? How wide can I go without changing rims? Would gas mileage be very...
  7. Rims

    Brakes & Suspension
    Anyone have pictures of a 2012 Versa sedan with big rims?? Preferably black rims on a black car...
  8. Versa rims

    General Versa Discussion
    Recommendations for 2009 Nissan Versa rims? (links would be nice) thanks. :smilejap:
  9. Post Pictures of your Wheels

    Brakes & Suspension
    I would love to see your wheels on the V(it can be steelies, stock alloys [even powder coated], your aftermarket wheels, etc.) :banana: :cornut: here are mine. Just 15 inch alloys, nothing too special.