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steering wheel
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  1. General Technical & Electrical
    So i noticed i have a shake in my steering wheel i have done the following things so idk what else too look at new tires freshly balanced alignment Control arms (with bushing) struts sway bar links motor mounts New wheelhubs new rotors new pads any idea why i have a shake in my wheel? it is...
  2. New Members
    This is my project this far
  3. New Members
    Hey there, I'm a proud owner of a 2015 Versa Note and I love it to death. I got the SV model after driving the SL and SR from one of those predatory "make a payment every 2 weeks" down on your luck low income places that rhymes with ArriveTime, both because no dealer near me had the SL and the...
  4. General Technical & Electrical
    Hello all, my steering wheel no longer locks on my car and the key will no longer turn in my ignition. I have a 2011 versa s 1.8. I only have one key and my mechanic is suggesting I get a second key made from the dealer as they have the key code and I can get one made and programmed. They...
  5. I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Hi everyone, I´ve recently bought a Head Unit from Sony, model XAV-65 and after replacing the Clarion with blutooth that comes with the car I noticed that the steering wheel controls have a connector with 16 pins and the Head Unit came with and adapter with three wires Adapter diagram After...
  6. Interior Forum
    Hello, my name is Drew, I am new to these forums. I drive a 2010 Nissan Versa and I am looking to finally do some upgrading to it. I was wondering if it is possible to put an aftermarket steering wheel on a Versa? If so has anyone done it? And what parts should I use (adapters and such)...
1-6 of 6 Results