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  1. Brakes & Suspension
    I have a 2012 Nissan versa hatchback and I have what sounds like a popping nosie when I push the brake pedal and sometimes when I let off the brake and push the gas. Then I also get a clunking noise when going over bumps or uneven roads. Freaking out thinking it's a ball joint. Help please.
  2. Brakes & Suspension
    Hi all, So I installed some aftermarket struts a few years ago and have been considering swapping back to OEM struts. Issue is, the 2012-2019 years use a single lock nut for the strut, and it needs to be tightened with an allen key. I've heard of people using just a vice grip and a socket to...
  3. Brakes & Suspension
    I want to purchase new springs but I don't know what size will fit. Nobody sells vehicle specific aftermarket parts for the 2020 as far as I know. If anyone knows the size dimensions and the weight rating of the stock springs that would be super helpful. Thanks!
  4. Brakes & Suspension
    I found a set of Nismo RS Coil springs online for pretty cheap. I figured that since the platform is the same platform as the Juke, it would work. I was correct. Today I installed a set of rear coils only. I am happy to report that it is much more comfortable to me now. I used to hit the...
  5. Brakes & Suspension
    Hey all, I'm looking into lifting my 2009 Versa SL, and I'm wondering if there is anyone who has managed it? Looking around, there don't seem to be many options, here are a few that I've seen: 1.
  6. New Members
    Hello everyone! I'm in need to replace the complete strut assembly in my car. I've looked at autozone-they said they carry a brand called SenSen but I'm finding horrible reviews on that brand. Oreilys carries their own MasterPro brand (does anyone have info on that brand? NAPA and Pep boys...
  7. General Versa Discussion
    Hi, everyone Hopefully this is in the right place, I'm new here. I drive a 2015 Versa SV w/ 46k miles. About 2 months ago, I ran over a small log on freeway after it fell out of someone's truck. The car cleared it and suffered no visible damage except deflated tires, but I'm afraid it might...
  8. Brakes & Suspension
    Does anyone have experience with this company and their parts? They carry Engine Mounts, bushings and Upper/Lower Control Arms for the Versa. Shipping to Canada is actually not as bad as I thought it would be with everything coming in around $200.
  9. Brakes & Suspension
    Hello all! I am having to replace my front passenger cv axle due to it being bent and putting my alignment off. I know how to do it but I cannot figure out what the torque should be when putting the bolts back on. I have looked through what I believe is the manufacturer repair book but it did...
  10. Brakes & Suspension
    Okay, so I looked as best I could on the forums and didn't see that anyone had purchased the ebay springs available for the Versa. I'm sure everyone would advise against them, but seeing as how there's no reviews to back that up, I went ahead and decided to be the guinea pig and ordered them...
  11. Brakes & Suspension
    Dear Versa/Tiida Companions, I have just learned of Monroe's Quick Strut product, which are available for many cars and includes the front struts, all of the mounting hardware, and, (drum roll): the SPRINGS. MONROE SHOCKS & STRUTS :: Quick-Strut® However, I have not been able to determine if...
1-11 of 11 Results