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  1. Wanting to swap diff with Renault Megane LSD

    General Versa Discussion
    Like the title says. I have found a source for a quaiffe LSD from a renault Megane that will fit the same 6-Speed as the Renault Clio III and the Megane. I wanted to see what would be necessary for the swap. I just don't know the amount of splines the spider gears will need to receive the axles...
  2. Weak FM Coverage

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hi, I feel like my Car FM system isn't picking up enough signal. Please advice me how can I improve the signal. Thanks in advance,
  3. AC Setting

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hello Guyz, Just a Question about AC. Nissan TIIDA 2012 Sedan As I’m from State of Qatar. AC is Basic need here :wink So as we know turning ON the AC in the Car will cost some extra Fuel. I wonder keeping the Fan to High (I mean 3 or 4) will cost me more fuel than keeping the fan to 1 or 2...
  4. Nissan TIIDA 2012 Trunk Button/Lock Release.

    New Members
    Hi Folks :smile , I’m facing an issue with my Nissan TIIDA 2012 Trunk Button/Lock Release. This Car trunk can be opened by press of Button located in Trunk Lid, but since couple of months I couldn’t open the trunk using this button even after unlocking all the car doors by Key Remote & also by...
  5. LED Headlight bulbs Higher Wattage

    New Members
    Hello Experts, My question is about Replacing my Halogen Headlight bulbs with LED. My Nissan TIIDA 2012 has halogen 60/55W bulbs, is that okay to replace that with Higher Wattage LED bulbs like 70W or 80W? & also advise me untill how many Wattage I can go... Thank you in advance.
  6. Versa 1st gen (tiida 2011) Eibach Pro-Kit question

    Brakes & Suspension
    Hi all. Anyone installed this kit on the versa 1st gen car (tiida 2011)? Is it required a suspension switch to handle those springs? I want a little lowering with no stiffness and not a much lowered car, so I guess this kit should do the job. Anyone with this kit to show some pics of the car...
  7. Greeting from Thailand

    New Members
    Hi guys I'm Nutt This is my baby since 2009 Tiida/versa 1.6 AT Expanded Exhaust manifold HKS exhaust pipe B HKS muffler Carbon Simota airtake Custom strut damper system XXR 530 17x8.25 wheels Momo tire 205/45/17
  8. Tiida speedometer to a Versa

    Interior Forum
    I was wondering if anyone knows if I could swap a gauge cluster from a Tiida into my Versa. I kind of like the idea of having km/per hour compared to mph. Does anyone know?
  9. new member

    New Members
    hello people... I'm Diego, from Brazil.... I'm here to share and learn about nissan versa, from here called Nissan Tiida...
  10. "Fouring" Global car accessories

    Exterior Forum
    Hi All, I found this website of some Korean company that's specialized in accessories as i see. their products look nice, pretty, and really shiny! i found a couple of their products in local stores here in Saudi Arabia. i actually bought small door protectors that looked very nice on tiida...
  11. Hello from Bulgaria

    New Members
    Hello, I bought my Tiida 6 months ago but just saw this forum :) The car is second hand (40 000km). Made in Japan. Model 2007, HR16DE, Manual transmission(5). I am very happy with the car :Angel_anim: There are no any problems at this moment except some annoying squeak in the front breaks (I...
  12. Carbon Fiber Versa - JDM Tiida 2

    Car Showroom
    Nissan Versa - JDM Tiida
  13. Versa vs Tiida

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hi, i live in the middle east, and over here, they use niisan tiida (its a twin of versa). So basically, i wanted to know all differences between versa and tiida (googling does not help). I wanted to know the differences, and will it affect, if i buy an exported versa? (as in its american specs...