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  1. New member! (yellow fogs inside)

    Exterior Forum
    What's going on everyone? Just want to introduce myself with this post. My Note didn't come with fog lights so I ordered an OEM kit. All was fine until I realized after taking everything apart that there was no connection to plug the fog lights into. With that said, I ordered a remote control...
  2. Hello Everyone!

    New Members
    Hey guys, I have come across these forums a couple of times. I recently became the owner of a 2012 Versa hatchback SL! I basically joined to chat it up with other versa owners about tips and tricks to get the most out of this fantastic car. I already have 2 questions! 1. I am interested in...
  3. Hey y'all from NC!!! 2011 Versa here

    New Members
    Well I bought my 2011 Versa last Jaunuary 1 cause my 1995 Pathfinder that I've driven for 15 years was really starting to crap out and cost me a lot of money. I still kept it (I love Nissans), but I bit the bullet and bought basically the cheapest car that was still a nissan with the least miles...
  4. Project Progress!

    Exterior Forum
    I finally took some pictures of my recent additions to the car! I painted the grill black and also added headlight and taillight tint to a few peices! Came out pretty legit, just waiting until I get home to take my car into the shop for a bizarre problem, then ill be adding the headlight led...
  5. Metallic Tints and Interference

    Exterior Forum
    Hi. This is my first post since this forum is so informative and pretty much all my questions have already been answered. I am trying to decide on what type of tint to get for my '11 S hatch. I was thinking of getting a metallic tint but I am worried about interference. Manufacturers claim...