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  1. General Versa Discussion
    Hello, i am trying to change my 2012 nissan versa engine mount, the one that is on top to the engine on the right hand side from the drivers point of view, i think it prevents the engine to move forward and after, does anyone know the torque value for the two bolts that hold the mount, im just a...
  2. Brakes & Suspension
    Hello all! I am having to replace my front passenger cv axle due to it being bent and putting my alignment off. I know how to do it but I cannot figure out what the torque should be when putting the bolts back on. I have looked through what I believe is the manufacturer repair book but it did...
  3. General Technical & Electrical
    According to the scangauge manual, the LOD gauge measures either the percent of maximum torque being used or the percent of maximum torque used at the current RPM. Since I can get very high LOD numbers even at low RPMs, I assume it is measuring the percent of torque being used that is available...
1-3 of 3 Results