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  1. Heavy Engine Vibration in Gear occasional stall

    Engine Forum
    I've been proud to own and do most of the work on my own vehicles. From basic maintenance to things like valve replacemenets. I've rebuilt motorcycle engines, I run a HVAC business, and I have a BS in physics. I'm just trying to show that I'm not some dunce when it comes to mechanics, engine...
  2. Hey everyone need some ideas

    General Technical & Electrical
    So i noticed i have a shake in my steering wheel i have done the following things so idk what else too look at new tires freshly balanced alignment Control arms (with bushing) struts sway bar links motor mounts New wheelhubs new rotors new pads any idea why i have a shake in my wheel? it is...
  3. Ball joint problem?

    Brakes & Suspension
    Hey, couple days ago, I've been to costco tire service for tire rotation and balance. the guy told me that I need FR Lower ball joint replacement, however my friends, who worked in garage told me, its fine. My car is 09 versa and have been run 116000 Km, 73000 Miles. As far as I know, usually...
  4. Problem w/ 2012 Sedan engine/cvt

    New Members
    Hello all. I'm really pleased with most everything about my wife's new Versa Sedan, but it's a month old and it has made a disturbing noise and severe vibration from the engine/cvt 3 times during a cold start. It lasts only a couple seconds, but clearly something is wrong. Before I get it...