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  1. 2017 Versa Powertrain warranty

    General Versa Discussion
    Hello Folks, I just bought a 2017 Nissan Versa S Plus. It's got 80000 miles - I know, that's super heavy miles for a two year old car. Considering the nature of mileage, does my car still qualify for 10 years / 120000 miles powertrain warranty? If not, is it advisable to purchase this...
  2. 2012 Versa had an electrical fire

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hey all, been a while. Was driving my car home from work the other day, and started smelling smoke and thought that was odd (but I was going through construction so I chalked it up to that initially). 15 seconds later smoke started billowing out of the dashboard, just above my left knee - where...
  3. Would have still purchased an extended warranty?

    General Versa Discussion
    Did you have any car problems during the extended warranty period? Knowing what you know now about the Versa would you buy an extended warranty on a new one? or do you think it was a waist of money because your Versa is so dependable?
  4. Remote Start for a manual transmission?

    General Versa Discussion
    Hi! This is my first thread ... pretty excited! I have an '08 6-speed Versa, and I was curious about getting remote start. I have asked random people I know and they have mentioned that it's possible to get remote start on a stick shift, but that some places don't recommend it. I understand I...