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  1. Stock Radio

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hi, I have a 2015 nissan versa note bone stock, for now, but i just got a subwoofer and amp that id like to wire in and I was wondering, cause I know some newer cars stock radio have the ability to plug in an amp. Does anybody know if this is true for my 2015 or am i going to have to buy an...
  2. Aftermarket backup camera install

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hey guys, new to the forum here and was wanting some info if possible. I have a 2016 Versa S and am trying to determine which wires are which on the passenger taillight assembly for I do not have a multimeter or probe test light handy. Anyone have any ideas as to which wires are which? I will go...
  3. Versa 2010 SL Headlights help

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hello all, I would like to begin with saying I am a big time lurker and fan of this forum. I recently put an HID kit in my 2010 Versa SL and where I'm from we need DRL. With the new HIDs which work great btw I cannot have this. Now above my headlights I have 2 orange lights witch turned on...
  4. Quick Wiring Question

    General Technical & Electrical
    Quick Wiring Question- UPDATE! I want to wire a backup camera to the lights in the tail light harness. Camera has in one hot, one ground. It will work if I wire it to the backup lights, but I'd rather wire it to the lights so whenever I have the lights on the camera will work. There is one...
  5. Dashboard Lights Malfunction

    General Technical & Electrical
    What's up everybody. I own a 2010 Nissan Versa sedan, after someone recently installing an aftermarket stereo into the vehicle I haven't been able to get my dashboard lights to work properly.For brief periods of time whenever I turn the headlight switch from off to the on position, the dash...
  6. Where to connect a 12v outlet?

    General Technical & Electrical
    I have a 2014 Versa Sedan, and I'd like to add a switched 12V outlet to it to connect a dashboard camera DVR to without occupying the only outlet installed in the car. I'd also like for it to be hidden, so I don't have the cables for it running through the cabin. I'm trying to find a good place...
  7. 2012 Versa had an electrical fire

    General Technical & Electrical
    Hey all, been a while. Was driving my car home from work the other day, and started smelling smoke and thought that was odd (but I was going through construction so I chalked it up to that initially). 15 seconds later smoke started billowing out of the dashboard, just above my left knee - where...
  8. 2012 Sedan - Aftermarket stereo install probs

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Hi all, I'm trying to install a Pioneer AVH-P8400BT head unit in my wife's 2012 Versa, using a Metra 70-7552 Turbowire wiring harness. This is the right harness according to every source I have checked, but it is not working. I'm not getting any power to the unit. I can't find a wiring...
  9. Is there a 12v source to connect a switch to?

    General Technical & Electrical
    I am looking to buy some LED lights for my Versa. They come with a switch which I could install on the left side of the drivers side next to the button you use to adjust your mirrors to turn them on, but it says that I need to wire the switch to a 12v source near the switch. Are there any 12v...
  10. Versaforce: 2012 Versa S

    Car Showroom
    I bought my Versa back in March, its a 2012 1.8 manual hatchback s trim (Fresh Powder white). Grew up in PA, joined the Airforce, moved to Texas and now Colorado. So far i've only done a simple light mod to my V, the wiring diagram is in my pics. I joined the forum to see what others are doing...
  11. Backup Camera Addition

    Exterior Forum
    Hey there everyone I was just wondering if anybody has figured out how to run a backup camera on the 2012 Nissan versa Sedan? I ordered a little orbit camera that I want to drill into the black piece in between the license plate lights it looks pretty solid but I want to know if it can pop out...
  12. AppRadio 2 install and wiring

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Hello everyone, I just installed the new Pioneer AppRadio 2 head unit in my 2008 Versa Hatchback, and I am now trying to figure out how to run the MHL wire to connect my Android phone to this unit, and what I want to do is run the wire down through the center of the dash and have it come out at...
  13. Master wiring sheet location...?

    General Technical & Electrical
    Is there a "tech" section in these forums? I'm looking for the wiring mastersheet for my 2009 Versa S HB. Crutchfield is emailing me one soon, but I would like to get a jump on installing some aftermarket electronics. Thanks, tower62
  14. 2008 Versa S stereo - PLEASE HELP!

    I.C.E. - In Car Entertainment
    Hello folks! I have a problem and I was hoping someone on the forum might have an answer or some advice. I recently purchased a Nissan GROM iPod Adapter Direct Interface V3 (IPOD) based on a chat with one of their representatives that it would work with my Versa's radio. I have a 2008 Versa S...