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0-60 Times?

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I just timed mine and got about 6.9-7 seconds.
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What car do you drive? If a V you might want to take it to the track. I wish my car could do 6.9. But that is an awesome number. Congrats.

edmunds has my 2009 1.6 at 9.4 seconds and motortrend pulled an 8.9. I know 1.8's have more power but they also weigh alot more. I don't think they are too much faster if at all.
2012 Versa Hatchback Special Edition.
I might have to time a few more times, it is abnormally fast.
Either that or your mind is playing tricks on you lol cause there's no way an unmodified V is that fast. Even a mildly modified one wouldn't pull those numbers but would be nice. But if you really wanna be sure, do as Rob said or take it to a Dyno.
stock B13 Se-r's were 7.8 0-60 with a 2.0L (sr20de) and lighter car. I dunno about a stock Versa being faster 0-60
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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