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Hello all, new to the forum but have been having some issues with my versa that i cant seem to figure out or find anything else online that's helping.

2011 Nissan Versa Manual Transmission
118k on odometer
1.8l motor

Motor threw a rod so i replaced with a used motor with 21k miles, runs and drives great with the replacement, I also replaced the fly wheel and clutch. Only issue I'm down to is some 02 codes that i cant seem to get rid of, first code was p0037 for downstream o2 sensor, I replaced it and code came back with the other two codes.. everything is plugged in, i was looking for testing voltage on it but wasn't able to find anything.. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

Codes are as follows:
P1148 - closed loop B1
P0037 - HO2S2 Heater bank 1
P0031 - A/F Sensor 1 Heater Bank 1
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