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Hello All,

This is a note for 2007 Versa A/C compressor replacement and an attempt to see if anyone can elaborate and / or tell me I'm right :smile I'm not sure this applies to all trims but mine is a 1.8L Hatchback S manual transmission.

Like so many (it seems) my compressor went, my shop put the A/C through several diagnostic tests and could not get it to engage. I ordered up a new compressor kit and condenser (recommended by Nissan) and dropped the car off at the shop. After getting the new compressor mounted and filled with oil he went to connect the hoses and realized the connectors on the replacement compressor are both at the rear. He told me the problem is one hose is now in the way when trying to remount the alternator.

After digging on-line I decided to call my local Nissan dealer's parts department and here is what we 'think' we figured out. The original design was apparently 'poor' at best so Nissan replaced the compressor with a newer design which had both connectors at the rear and required a new hose (OEM #924809EG0A ). Now, I can't find anything on-line about this change so I thought I'd post something to give people a heads up and see if anyone else has run into this.

Also, I have found the old style compressor re-manufactured but it's over $500 and since Nissan did away with the design I figured it would be a bad investment. The hose mentioned above, $150 is the best price I can find :crying:

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


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