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I'm looking for some help with my '07 Versa. Lately I've noticed that all of the driver's side vents blow much warmer air than the passenger's side vents; the air on the driver's side seems to be cabin-temperature or slightly warmer, while the passenger side is nice and cold. I definitely have the AC turned on, recirculate is on, and all vents are open. The cabin filter is clean as well. There is no noticeable difference in the volume of air being blown out of any of the vents on either side. The driver's side remains warm/hot regardless of how fast I'm going, while the passenger side is always cold.

I removed part of the dash and checked all connections and nothing looks broken. I also verified the blend door is fully opening/closing properly (stuck my head under the passenger-side dash and looked directly at it), and I even peeked through the two center vents and I can see the door move as I adjust the temperature dial. I'm kind of stuck as to what my next step should be.

I haven't looked closely at the condenser and radiator, but I'd imagine if they were clogged I'd be getting little to no cold air at all. A co-worker suggested a possible leak in the heater core, but I didn't see any wet areas around it.

I should probably mention that last winter, I noticed the heat was fairly weak out of all the vents when it was really cold outside. Not sure if this could be related to the AC problem. If I had to guess, it felt like 70-80 degree air.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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