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07serspecV NEWBIE

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Hey guys.... im actually an active member on the se-r forums for my new specV sentra but my g/f just purchased a versa sl and we are now looking to get into the versa crowd. I checked out and saw some niice mods for this car. the versa definately has alot more aftermarket support than the sentra does. but n e wayz... look forward to joining this community. hopefully it doesnt have as much drama as the se-r communities. btw does anyone know where i can buy those jdm hid headlights for the tiida's
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also, i wanted to add that i have been a loooong veteran for the nissan community dating back to a 94 nissan altima, three different maximas, pathfinders and now an se-r and versa
Welcome to the forums mate! Sounds like you got Nissan in the blood :)
welcome to the site, youve been a longtime nissan fan, this is my first nissan, actually its my first import ive bought
how u liking ur nissan...??
the jdm projectors are expensive... they will run you about $1200....
how u liking ur nissan...??
its nice, kinda slow acceleration, just need to get used to the smaller engine, and i dont drive it much, the wife who drives it daily loves it.

The nice thing is it is easy to zip around in parking lots, kindof a pain in the pickups i drive. Overall I am happy with it.
welcome! i love the color of the se-r
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