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'09 Blower Motor Removal

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I've got a newly acquired noise that sounds like a baseball card flapping in the spokes of a bicycle wheel when I turn the blower on. Want to pull the blower and clean it out.

I've got the glove box removed and can see the blower motor. Seems I read that there is a tab to release and a turn clockwise. Can't find that info that I thought I saw. Also, how does the electrical connector come apart?

Thanks in advance for any info !

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I couldn't figure it out in my versa.. It got dark quick.

Found this though:
[/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
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Ok I figured it out. The wire can be pulled out by pushing in a tab on the forward end of the plug. (By forward I mean toward to front of the car.) There is a tab in the upper right hand corner of the motor, pull it out, and turn the assembly clockwise and it slips right out. Now it's just a matter of maneuvering the motor out of the space.
This is why mine was making the noise...
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Not sure how it got in there. There are definitely filters that should be preventing this..
Damn. And I thought some plastic was bad. hah
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