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09 Seats

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I am thinking of changing my seats. It's one of the things I would like to change. There is almost no lumbar or side bolster support.

The reason I would like an upgrade is that I am coming from Recaro, Bride, Konig and various other performance seats. These seats just seem to sit high and there is much room for improvement.

I am thinking of looking for a set of Nissan Sentra SE-R seats. As to.... I hope, that I would not have to modify the brackets and weight sensors much.

Something like this, but in better shape...

Worst case I can source 350Z, Evo 9 or STi seats very easy... but I am sure I would have to fab the brackets and wiring.

Any input folks?
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My brother has those seats in his Sentra SE-R. He thinks that they are going to rip at the seams very soon. Doesn't seem to be well built. But they are nice to look at !
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