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09 Versa S 1.8L key duplicate

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Hi guys, I've been lurking the forums but this is my first post.

Has anyone had luck getting a working key duplicated for the Versa anywhere but the dealership, such as a locksmith or dealership? The kid at the dealership I went to earlier threw out a couple of numbers that didn't seem to properly add up, but the sum total for a new key would be $165; not a remote or smart-key fob or whatever, just the basic key for start-up. That's outrageous.
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You can try to get a copy made from walmart for a few bucks and try it.
I went there a few days ago and he said Versa wasn't listed in his book, so I'll probably buy an oem key for $20 and take it to them to try. That or keep the original in the car in a hidden lock box and use non-chipped duplicates to unlock the door
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