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This is my gf's car. She called me and told me that the car shut off a couple times on her on her way over. She manage to make it to my house but when I went to find out what was wrong with it I realized that it starts right up but as soon as you give it some gas to drive off it just dies immediately. I'm confused how it can start right up but then die immediately when you give it gas?? You guys have any suggestions what to look for/check out?

It's a 2009 with 56000 miles. I just got the oil changed a week ago and she just came back from a 800 mile road trip and she said it drove fine the entire time. She also thinks that it's not currently under warranty. Can you tell me how long the warranty last for bumper to bumper or powertrain? She bought it new in early 2009. Thanks in advance.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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