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2014 Nissan Versa Note
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In the works is my bosozoku-inspired '14 Nissan Note.
Single owner, 87k miles, CVT.

Completed ModsPlanned Mods
• Interior Blackout
Headliner wrapped in black suede, handles and trim pieces coated black. I plan to redo this entire project with higher quality materials and to do a cleaner wrap job on the headliner.
• Spraypainted Grille/Lower Front Bumper
Self explanatory mod. Plan to redo sometime with better understanding of how to do spray paint right.
• LED Bulb Swap
Every bulb in the car has been replaced with the brightest LEDs I could find. Turn signals are switchbacks.
• Stereo Swap + Sub System
Bit of a basshead so I plan to continuously upgrade my sub setup. I plan to eventually wall the car behind the front seats and make a giant sub chamber. Currently running a single (1) Skar 12" 800 Watt RMS sub paired to a Skar 800 Watt RMS amp.
• Interior LEDs
Most people find this rice or distasteful but I give myself a pat on the back for managing to do it without a single wire visible. Gives the car a slightly more premium feel.
• Swapped Shift Knob
Put the knob from a 2012 Ford Fusion in place of the stock knob. Better brake lock positioning, more premium feel.
• Swapped Speedometer
Self explanatory.
• Muffler Swap
Jerryrigged a universal muffler to fit the car. Plan to replace entire exhaust with 2.5" stainless steel and to add a star-shaped blast pipe (bosozoku aspect).
• Tinted (of course)
20% all around, 5% on quarter windows (front and rears), 5% strip on windshield w/ shield at 35%: plan to strip and replace with 20%.
• Steering Wheel Swap
Not looking to be a racecar but the current steering wheel is both ugly and far too big for my liking. Will either swap in a 2016 Maxima wheel or any low-profile and simple wheel.
• Train Horn
Just cause. Stock horn is very wimpy. Also, imagine cutting a cute hatch off in traffic and the trumpet of God blares at you. Requires air compressor, which requires solid mount point, leading into next mod.
• Wooden Trunk Platform
For looks sake and for mounting of my sub + air compressor.
• Wheels
Largely undecided on which specific wheel to buy but plenty of ideas.
• Lower the Car :)
Likely going to save up for coils and slam the mf for that peak bosozoku look. Not very practical but not my concern.
• Possible Spoiler?
Not entirely sure how dire it is to me but may in some years import the Impul spoiler.
• More Speakers
Going to start w/ extra stocks to determine best place to put them and go from there. Have 2-6 extra speakers ready.
• Side Mirror Swap + Paint
Plan to pick up a set of the fancier side mirrors (the one w/ the turn singal) and to paint them black.
• Headlight Import
Want to import the JDM headlights simply because they don't have any side marker coloring.
• Clear Tails
Would be 100% custom and probably a hell of a lot of work but hey, it'd look cool.
As much rice as this is, bosozoku cars aren't inherently meant to be fast. Even if I did want to go fast, the Note wouldn't be a good platform to try with. MAYBE I'll put on a short ram intake- that's it. Truth be told, I care most about looks and sound.

Here's some horribly edited pictures giving an idea of what I'm going for.
She's got a ways to go, but she'll get there.

Front: White banner would have to be added. Looking to create custom side decal of fading hearts--hard to describe in words. Stickerbombed passenger rear window because I think it'd look cool, picture doesn't do my idea justice.
Rear: Pretty basic, just lowered + possible wheels setup, along with the star-shaped blast pipe in all its glory. I know many may not like it but the build is done solely in my vision.

Here's the car as is.
I'll update this as I make more progress to my goal.

2014 Nissan Versa Note
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Looks like a nice Versa Note, but that fuzzy steering wheel cover has to go!
haha it's for comfort reasons, not looks reason. i'll be replacing it with a suede wrapped wheel eventually :)
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