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17 inch drag DR34 for sale

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hi everyone i have 17 inch Drag DR34 wheels with tires for sale from my 2009 nissan versa S. The wheels is dark gray and the tires has about 10k used. good condition. selling it for $450. i dont have the car anymore my wife crash the car and it was total. so if anyone interested please just email me at [email protected] . thanks


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Make sure you guys read the thread titles before you post them...
Nice five lug wheel for the four lug car...
im sure that's just an image he found online of them. sweet wheels. wish i was closer to you/had cash.
sorry this is my first time posting it. yes i did get the wheel pictures online just to show how it looks like. i didnt have time to take the real picture, but if you want to see the real thing i can send you the real pictures. just send me a message and your email address.
I have those exact wheels on my car. I also only paid about $450 for them brand new...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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