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2 concerns

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I have several things that concern me about my 2007 Versa (sudan).

First, the glass part of the driver side mirror shakes when I drive on highway speeds (60+mph). The passenger side mirror does not shake.
Second, the wheel also shakes a little bit and sometimes shakes when I apply the break.

I am not sure if the 2 problems are related.

Is it possible that my rim is a little warped and is causing the shaking? Maybe my tires are not balanced?

The driver side mirror is pretty easy to move with my finger tips, if I just want to tighten it to the motor or just replace the mirror itself (the housing is fine), does anybody have any instructions on how to go about it?

Any suggestions are welcome and I am new to repairing cars.

Thank you all.
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I would start with the simple thing first and find out why the car is shaking and get that taken care of. Hopefully you have a reputable tire shop you trust. Have them balance the tires and take a look at the front end and brakes for anything worn.

This may take care of the mirror shaking.

I am not familiar with the construction of the Versa mirror and have nothing concrete to offer as to how to tighten it if that is indeed what it needs.

On a somewhat related note, I have a Toyota Tundra that had the shaking mirror on both sides. On that vehicle, there are two or three screws on the bottom of the housing that when tightened, fixed the loose mirror issue. May want to look at the bottom of the mirror housing.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I saw there is at least 1 screw on the bottom of the housing. I will try to tighten it a little bit and see if that makes a difference.
Your shaking under braking can be caused from warped rotors.
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