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20' 5-speed RS5F91R whine

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When I bought the car a couple months ago there was a slight whine while accelerating in 1st gear. Over time it has gotten louder and eventually started whining in all 5 gears. It does this also while decelerating, and the higher the gear the quieter the whine (for both acceleration & deceleration)

Correct me if I'm wrong but Nissan has used the RS5F91R in 5-speed Versas since 2012.

So for all the 5-speed owners, is this normal for this transmission or do I need to take it to the dealership?

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OP, additionally to the excellent advice above, while you are at the dealership, try to find another manual Versa and take it for a test drive. This is to establish a base line in case they tell you "they all do that".
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